GK Sealants Ltd offer a vast range of sealant applications to accomodate the demands of the building and construction industry, a breif description of the main applications can be found below.



GKS carry out tasks in the civil engineering trade such as the sealing of pre-formed expansion and contraction joints in all types of concrete structures such as roadways, airfields, car and lorry parks, water retaining structures, this application can entail the removal of joint formation fillers, cleaning, preparing and priming the joint prior to the application of the specified sealants such as Fosrocs two part polysulphides, polyurethanes, cold applied pitch free fuel resistant sealants and water retaining and sea defence non-biodegradable sealants.




GKS has many years of experience in the steel frame and industrial curtain wall and planar glazing industry, we have been involved in various large projects throughout England and Wales over the last decade from the prime ministers residence at chequers to GCHQ headquarters at Cheltenham. Our scope of works in this sector include glass silicone capping and perimeter pointing to steel frames, the weather sealing of external glass to glass joints, the external structural sealing of glass to glass or glass to frame joints and the internal structural seal of the glass units to the curtain wall structure, the sealing of planar screens (double & single glazed) and glass channel pointing as well as the peripheral seal of the frame to the building substrates.




GKS also carry out more common sealant applications for the house building industry such as the prestigious house builder Kensington Developments, Redrow Homes, Barratt Homes and Persimmon Homes, these tasks include the acoustic sealing of joints ends into the chamber wall at the earlier stage of construction, acoustic seal to the floor and skirting board junction at the later stage, silicone seals to internal and external PVC frame to window reveals and expansion joints in the building structure, then finally the finish seal in the internal wet areas such as kitchens, bath & shower rooms etc.


GKS has proven to be a competent applicator servicing various arms of the construction industry and have gained many years of experience in doing so, we hope to carry on with the success of previous years and look forward to our next challenge whether it be a prestigious bathroom in a footballers mansion in Cheshire or a multi storey glass facade in the centre of Birmingham.

Please take time to view our gallery and look through the images of just a few of the demanding and prestigious developments GKS has been involved with. You will also find beneath each image a breif description of the project title, area of the development and description of works carried out,These pictures are a historic testiment to our proven track record and our commitment and professionalism towards each project.


Michael Gunson